Our Mission

Advancing U.S. leadership in international conservation through public and private partnerships and developing the next generation of Congressional conservation leaders.
H.R. 774 Signed into Law IUU  Fishing Enforcement Act
H.R. 2494 Passes in U.S. House The Global Anti-Poaching Act
Tanzania & Zambia to Collaborate Miombo/Mopane Woodland Ecosystem
H.R. 2494 Introduced in U.S. House The Global Anti-Poaching Act
  • U.S. Congressional Briefing Series Educating policymakers using good science and models of public-private partnerships that invest in protecting biodiversity and natural resources
  • U.S. Congressional International Conservation Gala The Most Important Annual Conservation Gathering of U.S. Members of Congress, Heads of State, Ambassadors, Corporate Executives, Conservation Legends, Celebrities, and Civil Leaders
  • Our network of partners The ICCF Conservation Council is the strongest association of public- and private-sector representatives dedicated to international conservation.

Educational Briefings

Ivory Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking in Mozambique

On June 11, ICCF hosted a Congressional Luncheon Briefing, Tackling Ivory Poaching and Wildlife Trafficking in Niassa Reserve, Mozambique, with guest speaker Dr. Alastair Nelson, Wildlife Conservation Society’s Program Director for Mozambique. For the past 2.5 years, WCS has been co-managing Niassa Reserve, one of the epicenters of the ivory poaching...
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Partner Spotlight

Bumble Bee Foods

A core tenet of Bumble Bee’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability program is a balance between the needs of the present and those of the future, for both people and our planet. This balanced approach is reflected in Bumble Bee’s corporate vision, “improving our consumers’ quality of life by providing sustainable, nutritious, convenient...
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Conservation Updates

President Mutharika announces Caucus Patronage

President Mutharika reaffirmed his commitment to strengthening legal and policy frameworks to effectively govern wildlife and forest resources, focusing on strengthening penalties for wildlife and forest crimes; improving implementation of policies and governance strategies; building capacity of law enforcement, judiciary, and legal institutions....
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An Investment in National Security and a Moral Imperative

"There are plenty of environmentalists that think endangered wildlife is more important than endangered people. We don’t, but we think both are important.

And there are plenty of isolationists who think conservation dollars spent on the other side of the world are frivolous. We don’t. We think it’s a damn good investment in our national security. And we think it’s a moral imperative."

--David Barron, ICCF Founder

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Conservation Council

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“The most popular bipartisan caucus on the Hill.”

Why International Conservation Benefits the U.S.

The ICCF Group To advance conservation governance through political support and on-the-ground solutions.
The International Conservation Caucus House and Senate members from across the political spectrum

Bolstering America's economy, improving our security & meeting our growing needs for natural resources

America’s role in maintaining global stability is rooted not only in our economic, moral, and military strength, but the fact that U.S. interests touch every industry and sphere of influence in the world. U.S. interests can only be protected by active international leadership. At a time when we must tighten our fiscal budget dramatically, it has never been more essential to make the international conservation investments to prevent endemic economic dislocation and chaos at a global scale.

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