Mission and Goals

"Environmental protection is not merely compatible with economic growth, but can also create business opportunities. A healthier environment can and must come from collaborative relationships among government, private industry, and the environmental movement."
- Senator Olympia J. Snowe (R-ME), ICC Co-Chairman



To advance U.S. leadership in international conservation through public and private partnerships and to develop the next generation of conservation leaders in the U.S. Congress.



UNITE the public and private sectors - U.S. and foreign policymakers, the international business community, and civil society worldwide - to be proactive and to work together on international conservation initiatives.

EDUCATE policymakers by providing a dependable flow of balanced information and good science, and by organizing working field missions to experience conservation challenges and opportunities.

MOTIVATE international policymakers to generate strategies that launch, implement, fund, and monitor international conservation measures and mitigate conservation crises, through ICCF educational programs and demonstration of consensus in the private sector.

RECOGNIZE the achievements of policymakers and private sector leaders and thereby inspire others to learn and act.